International Container Shipping

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    International Container Shipping

    Shipping vehicles, cargo, or bulk/large products can seem complicated. However, at Stealth Ocean Transport we are dedicated that your cargo arrives at your destination safely. Worldwide container shipping using a dependable company can in fact make the logistics of your business a much easier task to complete.

    We operate all over america, at every ocean port! We give customers the best possible options while offering exceptionally competitive International Container Shipping prices.

    How to Ship Cargo Overseas utilizing a Container

    International Container Shipping is the best and most inexpensive way to transport products in bulk overseas . We provide various options and different size containers to provide our clients the most competitive rates and quickest time-frames.

    No matter the magnitude of a container needed, we have two different options which can be chosen during an international container shipment. These are both FCL and LCL. Both of these terms can be used quite often by container shippers, however you’ll even hear shared/consolidated container or full-container.

    The provisions themselves are pretty easy. Let’s imagine, we have a shipment of a 1 bedroom flat with just 250 cubic feet of cargo. It might not sound right to reserve a full 20 foot container and use very little if it’s space. Therefore, to help save you cut costs, we advise a shared/consolidated (LCL) along with other shipments going to the exact same destination. This saves costs.

    We focus on consolidation when it comes to International Container Shipping as it is more relevant on most shipments. This the most popular and cost-effective method. This provides your over seas transport the maximum value because you merely pay for that space you’re using.

    Full Container (FCL), meaning that you reserve the entire container. One more advantage with this is your international dispatch will proceed the quickest. That is only because LCL containers have to become full until they leave, whilst FCL will render with only your own goods. FCL is great for large corporations needing large shipments of their products in a shorter period of time.

    *Our international container shipping transportation services have been tailored to every individual dispatch. We consistently find the best choice for our customers based in their time, destination, and delivery requirements.


    Our International Shipping Services is the most competitive in the industry, if you can find a better quote we will match it.

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